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Products of VitroWire

Great products for Africa’s Web3 adoption and tech advancement

Web3 Education & Skill Development

100+ Web3 Terms for Youths

A simple product designed with graphical representions to help underserved youths in developing countries easily learn the basics of Web3 to benefit from and leverage blockchain technology.

Crypto for Kids

Taking Web3 technology to the youngest in the society and empowering them with rudimentary knowledge for the future they live in, through this entertaining bundle of information.

Web3 Technology Products

Rong Crypto Wallet

A smart Web3 wallet built to stop you from ever losing your funds due to human transaction mistakes and errors. It watches your back on-chain.

Crypto Success Predictor

Predict the success of crypto tokens before or immediately after they launch. Helping you with the most basic insight to save you from tokens you should run from.


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