Vitro Wire | Blockchain Marketing Agency In Lagos

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If your business is the cart, we are the most effective horse in the field of web3 marketing

We are a unique breed of Web3 marketing and development experts and we see the world a little differently than others.

Providing personalized marketing strategies, we ensure that your business needs are met and often exceeded.

We enjoy a good challenge because finding creative approaches to overcome your business, blockchain & crypto growth challenges is the icing on our cake.

When we set out to engage your target audience, they dance to our tune and most notably, we mold them into champions of your brand with.

Emmanuel Nwanja

Cofounder & MD

Idiongo Marcus

Content Developer

Favour James

Graphics Designer

Nathaniel Eze

Project Manager

James Ben

SEO Writer

Jeffrey Chizoba

Cofounder & ED


Content Producer

Lucy Evelyn

Ui/UX Designer

Our ABC of Marketing


Through our unique marketing/advertising strategy, we introduce your brand, product and/services to the African market. We get Africa interested in you and what you offer.

Brand Loyalty

We lead and convert your existing audience to loyal fans who go on to patronize your tokens as they see fit while preaching your brand’s message. We make Africa speak for you.


We build a social proof in Africa the African way around your blockchain project and brand, driving engagement within the continent and beyond. We engage Africans in the best possible way.

Grow your business and blockchain project...

Looking for a wider reach or fundraising for your Web3 project?


Let’s have a chat to understand your challenges and profer solutions to help you succeed.