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The Technology & blockchain marketing agency that empowers you To Raise Liquidity And build strong communities for your Tech, crypto & blockchain products, without breaking the bank.


We are a community-driven Web3.0 agency onboarding the next 1,000,000 African youths unto Web3 through support for tech and blockchain projects with marketing and advertising, Web3 education across metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrency topics, developing Africa for future of work and its opportunities.

Our Market Ingenuity

We research and strategize

We seek, find, and collect all necessary data to build strategies that catapult your brand.

To build wireframes and prototypes

We develop pathways to guide your growth journey in A B C format.

For development and scaling

We design and execute plans that help you scale, for the success of your blockchain project.

With testing and evaluation

We seek out the latest trends and re-evaluate your target audience to the benefit of your brand.

Launch Your Blockchain Project

Got a blockchain project or high-tech solution? Would you like to get Africa strongly involved?

Let’s help you speak into the right ears by leveraging both digital and traditional marketing for your company’s growth.

Scale your Web3 brand

Looking for a wider reach for your blockchain-anchored Web3 project?


Is Africa one of your target markets?


Good thing you found us.


Talk to us and let’s help you tell the continent or just your preferred village about your amazing Web3 product/service.

Tell us about your project and we will prepare a marketing strategy for you

How We Help You

Marketing Advisory

Avoid wasting your marketing budget. Make the best choices for your blockchain & crypto project launch, crypto token pre-sale, cryptocurrency IEO, cryptocurrency ICO, cryptocurrency IDO, and brand building on the African continent.

Token Marketing

Do you plan to launch your crypto IEO, ICO, or IDO? Are you looking to build a solid digital presence on the African continent? Let’s have a chat.

Community Building

Penetrate, maintain, improve, and grow your blockchain project or crypto community across Africa. Get your personalized blockchain & cryptocurrency marketing strategy for effective market penetration & expansion.

Fundraising & Seed

Boost your blockchain project or crypto community across Africa and raise the required funding you need to move to your next phase. Take your blockchain & cryptocurrency fundraising to the most effective community and attract the best investors.

Grow your tech company of the future, today.

Building a blockchain project? Focus on your technology. We will communicate your business to the right ears and get the African continent ready for you.

We are a blockchain (crypto, NFT, Metaverse) product and services marketing agency specialized in bringing your brand to the notice and acceptance of your target market across Africa.